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MEtherm Process Agents

Process agents for the MELAG washer-disinfectors

The new MEtherm range ensures a combination of optimum cleaning outcomes, greater safety and reduced consumption. Moreover, you now only have a single contact partner who can address all your needs relating to the cleaning and disinfection of your instruments. The range consists of a mildly-alkaline, enzymatic cleaning agent; a citric acid-based neutralizer for the dental sector; a phosphoric acid-based neutralizer for other medical sectors; and a rinse aid.

The safety data sheets of the MEtherm series can be found on the following page:

Safety data sheets

MEtherm 50 – mildly-alkaline, enzymatic cleaning agent

Ultimate high-performance cleaning agent for use in automatic instrument decontamination in MELAtherm. The especially effective cleaning performance and minimization of film-development on instruments and washing chamber makes a valuable contribution to their value-retention.

MEtherm 55 – Neutralizer C (citric acid-based)

An especially gentle neutralizer for dental instruments following alkaline cleaning. MEtherm 55 prevents the development of deposits on instruments and the MELAtherm, whilst optimizing the cleaning outcome. MEtherm 55 is an especially material-friendly citric acid-based neutralizer.

MEtherm 56 – Neutralizer P (phosphoric acid-based)

For the especially effective decontamination of medical devices used in gynaecological and surgical contexts after alkali cleaning in MELAtherm. MEtherm 56 acts reliably to dissolve acid-soluble deposits such as limescale and works effectively to prevent the accretion of film on the instruments and MELAtherm. MEtherm 56 is a phosphoric acid-based neutralizer.

MEtherm 61 – Rinse aid

A liquid rinse aid for use in automatic instrument decontamination in MELAtherm. Using MEtherm 61 supports the stain-free drying of instruments in MELAtherm. MEtherm 61 is pH-neutral and very material-friendly for both short and long-term application. (Attention: Please note the lower dosing concentration)




Which process agents are approved for MELAG washer disinfectors?

Use only process agents of the MEtherm series for the cleaning and disinfection of machines with MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution. Other process agents have not been approved by MELAG. The use of process agents that have not been sufficiently tested and approved can, in the worst case, lead to damage to the washer disinfector and instruments, for which MELAG accepts no liability.

MEtherm washer disinfector chemicals are specially adapted and tested to the requirements of the MELAG washer disinfectors. As a result, the interaction of MELAtherm and MEtherm achieves maximum cleaning results with minimum consumption. The MEtherm range consists of MEtherm 50, the mildly alkaline cleaner, MEtherm 55, the citric acid-based neutralizer, MEtherm 56, the phosphoric acid-based neutralizer and MEtherm 61, the rinse aid. The MEtherm process media are optimally matched to each other for best cleaning and drying results.

How is the exchange of process agents carried out?

MELAtherm washer disinfectors have a space-saving solution for holding your process agents thanks to the process agent drawer. Please use only compatible process media that have been approved for MELAtherm. Please make sure to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when exchanging process media due to irritating substances.

If one of the MEtherm canisters has too low a filling level, a corresponding display message is shown on the MELAtherm. The used canister must be exchanged and replaced with a new one. To do this, proceed as follows when replacing the cleaner and neutralizer:

  1.  Unscrew the corresponding suction lance of the empty canister and hang it in the suction lance holder.
  2. Insert the new opened canister of the same product and screw the suction lance back on.
  3. Then start the deaeration programme of the MELAtherm to ensure optimum dosing of the process media.  

In contrast to the neutralizer and detergent, the bottle of the MEtherm 61 rinse aid is not replaced after it has been used up, but refilled. To do this, fill the original packaging of the rinse aid to approx. ¾ and then screw on the suction lance. Then start the deaeration programme here as well.

For more information on replacing the MEtherm process media in the MELAG washer-disinfector, see our video tutorial.

Which MEtherm articles are the right ones for my practice?

The mildly alkaline cleaner MEtherm 50 and rinse aid MEtherm 61 are suitable for use in every specialist practice due to their particularly high material compatibility and guarantee the best reprocessing results for instruments of all types.

As a neutralizer, the MEtherm range offers two variants: MEtherm 55 C - a citric acid-based neutralizer - and MEtherm 56 P - a phosphoric acid-based neutralizer.

MEtherm 55 C is a particularly material-compatible neutralizer especially for the machine reprocessing of dental transmission instruments as well as for the instruments in ophthalmological practices.  

In contrast, MEtherm 56 P is to be used especially for the machine reprocessing of medical devices from the specialist areas of gynaecology, ENT and surgery. It is not suitable for reprocessing in ophthalmological areas.

Dental assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
MEtherm 50 Process Agent for MELAtherm 10
MEtherm 55 Process Agent for MELAtherm 10
MEtherm 56 Process Agent for MELAtherm 10

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