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Washer Disinfectors for Practices and Clinics

The solution for automated cleaning and thermal disinfection of instruments

The innovative washer disinfectors MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution guarantee superior cleaning, disinfection and drying of medical products for practices and clinics. Automated cleaning and disinfection not only ensures even better protection for the both patients and practice team, but saves time and money in instrument reprocessing as well.

Benefit from the perfect alignment of the MELAtherm 10 washer disinfectors in conjunction with the specially-developed baskets and MEtherm process agents.

Discover our aligned solutions for automated instrument cleaning and disinfection: 

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What is a washer disinfector / thermal disinfector?

A washer disinfector is used for the automated cleaning and disinfection of instruments in practices, clinics, dental offices, medical centers and hospitals. The reliable monitoring and documentation of the relevant process parameters ensures standardized and reproducible decontamination procedures. The automated metering of the liquid process agents consisting of cleaning agent, neutralizer and rinse aid optimizes the cleaning and drying outcome. The instrument disinfection is, however, accomplished by hot water over a prescribed period.

The unique product features of the MELAG washer disinfectors make for even more safety and efficiency in instrument decontamination. MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution provide at no extra cost:

  1. Active drying: Exterior and interior drying protects the instruments against corrosion and damage.
  2. Integrated process agents and metering module: The integration of process agents creates extra space, makes working easier and helps to avoid errors.
  3. Practice-optimized treatment chamber: The combination of the spatial chamber concept with a versatile range of baskets helps to save both time and money.
  4. Integrated documentation: Store the log files using CF card and two network interfaces.

Learn more about the process of automated cleaning and disinfection by using a washer-disinfector:

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Process of automated cleaning and disinfection

Overview of the process steps of a washer disinfector

Optimize your MELAtherm experience using complementary accessories: all available baskets, mounts, wash trays and adapters have been tested and approved to meet the diverse requirements of medical and dental practices. Please use our video-tutorials to ensure optimal loading of the MELAG thermal disinfectors. Discover our video tutorials on the MELAG Multimedia Channel.

International guidelines recommend that manual cleaning should only be used if mechanical or automated methods are not available. Automated methods by washer disinfectors offer many benefits for practice and clinic staff. Learn more about each process step of the washer disinfector to achieve the best possible results:

1. Cleaning: 
A pre-rinse phase with cold water is the first step to remove coarse soiling and proteins. The use of cold water for the pre-rinsing prevents coagulation of protein residues. The subsequent cleaning phase is performed with an alkali-enzymatic cleaning agent and warm water.

MEtherm 50 is a high-performance mildly-alkaline cleaning agent for the removal of protein and fat residue for instrument reprocessing with MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution. The excellent cleaning performance of the material-friendly MEtherm 50 agent is achieved by an innovative combination of surfactants and enzymes. At the same time, this cleaning agent - tailored to the specific requirements of MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution - prevents the development of residue on the instruments and the washing chamber.

2. Neutralization: 
The low pH value of a citric acid or phosphoric acid-based neutralizer equalizes the alkalinity of the previous cleaning phase. The neutralization and subsequent intermediate rinsing of the instruments in the washer disinfector remove the remaining agents and make for the best-possible cleaning outcome.

The citric acid-based MEtherm 55 is an especially material-friendly neutralizer for use in a dental, ophthalmic and ophthalmic-surgery context. The phosphoric acid-based MEtherm 56 works reliably to remove acid-soluble deposits on instruments used in gynaecological, ENT, surgical practices and clinics. The neutralizers of the MEtherm series are effective in protecting instruments and preventing the formation of residue.

Cleaning and Disinfection Process of MELAtherm 10 Washer Disinfector


3. Disinfection:
After intermediate rinsing with clear water, the proper thermal disinfection of instruments is performed at 90 °C, including a holding time of 5 minutes. The combination of temperature and time enables achievement of the especially important A0 value of a minimum of 3.000 in the thermal disinfection. The A0 value represents a standard for the elimination of microorganisms during automated thermal instrument reprocessing.

All the programs of the MELAtherm 10 washer disinfector are designed to save resources and energy and to guarantee shortest operating times and the best cleaning outcomes. To ensure optimal drying results after cleaning and disinfection of instruments, the pH-neutral MEtherm 61 rinse aid is already added during heating phase.

4. Drying:
Active exterior and interior drying protects the instruments against corrosion and damage. A HEPA filter is installed to remove microorganisms from the ambient air drawn into the washer disinfector for the drying of instruments. The instruments are thus dry and hand warm after the cleaning and disinfection procedure. The complexity of hollow body instruments with narrow lumen such as handpieces, turbines, endoscopes or ophthalmological instruments require additional manual drying in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

Unlike many other washer disinfectors on the market MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution are equipped with automated drying at no extra cost. The active drying of the MELAG washer disinfectors ensures the value-retention of your instruments by preventing corrosion, damage and stain development.


Find out more about the MEtherm process agents for optimal cleaning, disinfection and drying in MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution.

Process of automated cleaning and disinfection by using MELAtherm 10

The advantages of a washer disinfector for your practice and clinic

MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution: A plus for your instrument reprocessing workflow

Optimal operating procedures using aligned products ensure high levels of working efficiency in instrument reprocessing. Take your workflow to a whole new level: a washer disinfector is legally-compliant, protects the practice staff and saves time and money.

The automated cleaning and disinfection of instruments provide significantly increased protection for patients and the practice team alike. Health and safety legislation clearly prioritizes the protection of staff and patients against puncture wounds and infection. The use of MELAG washer disinfectors in decontamination rooms effects a large-scale reduction of these risks. Minimal contact with contaminated instruments ensures protection of practice and clinic personnel. The risk of sharps injuries and eye splash incidents caused by manual cleaning and disinfection is reduced by the automated reprocessing with a washer disinfector.

manual vs. automated instrument decontamination

Another major advantage of automated instrument cleaning and disinfection is the higher degree of efficiency and effectiveness compared to the manual decontamination of instruments. The washer disinfector reduces the workload for the practice team, because the cleaning, disinfection and drying is fully automated, the need for manual intervention is eliminated. So the staff can offer the highest level of care to your patients. The low cycle costs for power, water and process agents of only 1,- € per cycle ensure amortization of MELAtherm within only 24 months. This is visualized in the amortization calculation above.

Moreover, the process agents are reliably dosed in MELAG thermal disinfectors via the integrated metering module. This integrated function prevents mis-metering which in manual cleaning and disinfection can result in an inadequate cleaning outcome or even reduce the value-retention of your instruments. In addition, washer disinfectors document each process step accurately. The documented reprocessing records and log files guarantee successful cleaning and disinfection. The thermal disinfector issues a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ status at the end of each cycle. So you have everything on the record and can be confident your instruments and medical devices are properly reprocessed for the next patient treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the active drying so important?

The active drying of MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution guarantees that instruments are made available dry and hand-warm after cleaning and disinfection. The active drying protects your instruments against corrosion and damage. The additional rinse aid ensures stain-free drying processes of the instruments and the washing chamber.

Moreover, the active drying of a washer disinfector saves time and work. In comparison to devices without active drying, the instruments are directly available for further process steps of instrument decontamination. Hence, there is no need for subsequent manual drying e.g. with a tissue. The dryness of the instruments is essential for the packaging process. Packaging in sterilization pouches requires dry instruments.

International hygiene guidelines recommend, that the final rinse and drying must be performed under conditions which prevent re-contamination of the disinfected instruments. In regard to that recommendation we suggest using medical compressed air for drying. The HEPA filter integrated in MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution fulfils this requirement and protects the instruments against re-contamination after cleaning and disinfection.

To ensure maximum process reliability and efficiency, the MELAG thermal disinfectors is equipped with the vital active drying at no extra cost. Find out more about this and further highlights of MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution on our product page.

What role does the chamber volume play in regard to the washer disinfector?

Purchase decisions rarely focus on the chamber size of the washer disinfector. Nevertheless, the choice of the correct decontamination chamber represents an important factor in instrument cleaning and disinfection. The practice-optimized treatment chamber of MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution ensures quick operating times in combination with low consumption. The MELAG thermal disinfectors generate a cost per cycle of just 1,10 € (for power, water and process agents).

With over 80 specially-developed accessories, the practice-optimized treatment chamber of MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution can be modified to meet the individual needs of medical and dental practices. The Flex-System even permits stacking of the insert baskets on two levels. This enables many practices and clinics to use MELAtherm 10 for up to 100 patients per day. Find out more about our solution for large practices and clinics under References or on the MELAG Multimedia Channel.

Washer disinfectors with a larger washing chamber are not only significantly slower and less cost efficient to run than their smaller counterparts, but are often loaded inefficiently in practice routine. To make the purchase that best fits your needs, we recommend that you work together with our sales rep to find the best load configuration for your MELAtherm washer disinfector. You can find the right contact partner in your country under International Sales. Our expert sales team will be happy to work with you to optimize your instrument decontamination workflow.

What are the installation requirements for washer disinfectors of the MELAtherm 10 series?

The compact device concept of MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution makes for space-saving installation. The active drying, the metering module, the process agents and the documentation interfaces are already integrated in the device. This permits standard installation dimensions of width: 60 cm, height: 82 cm, depth: 60 cm. Thus, the MELAG thermal disinfectors conveniently fit in every cupboard.

Both washer disinfectors of the MELAtherm 10 Series are available in two versions: Connected to 400 v high-power current, the MELAtherm 10 DTA ensures very fast cycle times. If your practice or clinic is not fitted with a three-phase current connection, the MELAtherm 10 DTB presents an alternative for a 230 v socket. The entire reprocessing procedure (cleaning, disinfection and drying) with a DTB device in the 230 v version is extended by only 15 minutes.

A washer disinfector also requires a water connection. In contrast to the steam sterilizer, a washer disinfector can be operated using tap water. So the installation requires a feed water and a waste water connection.

The additional MELAdem 53 water treatment unit guarantees significant process optimization. The demineralized water generated by MELAdem 53 is used for the important final rinse in the washer disinfector MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution. The final rinse with demineralized water ensures the protection and care of your instruments. This prevents stain development and alterations to the surface of the instruments resulting from strongly mineralized tap water. The high capacity of the MELAdem 53 ion exchanger supplies a washer disinfector and up to three additional devices with quality demineralized water in practice and clinic.

Which routine checks must be performed?

In addition to the regular maintenance performed by trained service technicians, you can also contribute to the quality assurance of your washer disinfector by routine checks.

The daily inspection of the coarse and fine sieve in the washing chamber protects the water circulation of the washer disinfector against dirt particles or small parts. Please clean the sieves under running water with a brush to remove residue.

In addition to cleaning the sieves, we recommend visual inspection of the door seal, the rinse arms and the other accessories (e.g. baskets and racks). You can remove visible soiling on the front of the thermal disinfector with a suitable surface disinfectant such as MELAdes 700.

Automatic monitoring of the rinse pressure, rinse arm rotation and further process parameters of MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution enable reproducible and proper cleaning and disinfection procedures.

Learn more about routine checks of MELAtherm washer disinfectors in our video tutorial

How are hollow body instruments reprocessed in MELAtherm 10 washer disinfector?

The decontamination of hollow body instruments is assuming an ever-greater importance in practices and clinics.

Successful automatic decontamination of hollow bodies requires that instruments with narrow lumen are checked for blockages. Therefore, please flush the instruments with demineralized water after the treatment of patients. Reprocess only those hollow body instruments in a washer disinfector which guarantee sufficient and reproducible rinsing. Please comply with the instrument manufacturer's specifications.

Hollow body instruments must be connected to the injector rail of the basis basket. MELAG provides a range of adapters for accommodating hollow body instruments from various medical fields.

Dental practices and clinics typically use a wide range of complex hollow body instruments. Use our accessories for MELAtherm 10 washer disinfector to adapt ultrasonic scaler tips, handpieces and turbines. The Adapters in combination with the Injector basket Flex 1 ensure maximum safety and efficiency in decontaminating six ultrasonic scaler tips.

Surgical suction cannulas can be decontaminated using injector nozzles. Universal suction cannulas with a diameter of 11-16 mm can be placed in the instrument basket in an upright position. The adaptation of these instruments on the injector rail is not necessary.

For various medical purposes (for example in surgery, orthopaedics, urology etc.) predominantly instruments with standardized connectors are being used. The use of “male” and “female” Luer-Lock adapters connect these hollow body instruments securely with the injector rail. Non-standardized connections such as the working channel of an endoscope can be adapted using a rinse sleeve.

Irrespectively of the medical specialization, hollow body instruments with an inner diameter lower than 0.8 mm require a fine filter of the water. This filtration protects the instruments from damage. The MELAG system provides various solutions for filtration in a thermal disinfector: Depending on the requirements, a ceramic filter disc, a metal filter disc or a central filter can be used to perform the fine filtration.

The new MELAG Cleanfinity Filter provides the most economical and convenient solution for the safe cleaning and disinfection of hollow body instruments. With the innovative control indicator on the injector rail, the filter performance can be checked after every cycle. If the control pin does not protrude, the filter is to be cleaned under running water using the brush included in the scope of delivery. The Cleanfinity Filter as cleanable central filter does not cause any follow-on costs.

To ensure the best-possible cleaning result, please close any un-used connections on the injector rail. To do so, use the silicone closure caps included in the scope of delivery.

Further information about decontaminating hollow body instruments is provided in our video tutorial

What advantages does the new washer disinfector MELAtherm 10 Evolution offer?

Cleaning and disinfection with a MELAG washer disinfector is the safest and most efficient way to decontaminate your valuable instruments. More than 15,000 medical and dental clinics worldwide benefit from the unique product highlights of MELAtherm 10 with active drying, integrated process agents and documentation interfaces.

In addition to the tried-and-tested product features, the new MELAG washer disinfector MELAtherm 10 Evolution convinces with innovations for even more efficient instrument reprocessing.

The AquaBoost Technology of MELAtherm 10 Evolution ensures up to 44 % better cleaning results through double rinsing pressure. The increased power also makes for the reprocessing of even more instruments: Decontaminate up to 23 hand pieces using the injector basket Flex 1 and further instruments for up to 40 patients per day.

The large Smart-Touch Display facilitates the operation and program selection. For a maximum ease of use, issues regarding loading, program selection, the replacement of process agents and the like, can be resolved quickly and directly with video tutorials on the Smart-Touch Display. User authentication and batch approval can be performed in a fast and paperless way via ProControl. You can thus approve and immediately re-use non-surgical instruments after automatic cleaning and disinfection (please comply with your national standards).

With the new MELAconnect App, you can tap into the full potential of MELAtherm 10 Evolution and the MELAG system solution. The device status and program progress can be monitored remotely on your smartphone and tablet at any time and from anywhere in your practice and clinic. The integrated Seal Check function, the Media Center and Troubleshooting Tool are additional features to help you benefit even more from smart workflows in instrument reprocessing.

Which process agents does MELAG recommend for MELAtherm 10 and MELAtherm 10 Evolution?

We recommend the MEtherm series process agents for automatic cleaning and disinfection with MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution. The MELAG process agents were especially developed and tested to meet the requirements of the MELAtherm 10 series washer disinfectors. The combination of MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution with the MEtherm series guarantees the best-possible cleaning outcome while ensuring minimum consumption.

The MEtherm series comprises the mildly-alkaline cleaning agent MEtherm 50; the citric acid-based neutralizer MEtherm 55; the phosphoric acid-based neutralizer MEtherm 56; and the rinse aid MEtherm 61. The MEtherm process agents have been optimally aligned to achieve the best cleaning and drying outcomes. Find out more about the advantages of our process agents.

MEtherm 50 is a high-performance, mildly-alkaline enzymatic cleaning agent for automatic instrument decontamination using MELAG thermal disinfectors. The especially-good cleaning performance of MEtherm 50 and the way in which it minimizes films on the instruments and the washing chamber ensure the long-term value-retention in a practice or clinic setting.

The citric acid-based neutralizer MEtherm 55 is suitable for very gentle neutralization after alkaline cleaning in MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 Evolution. The material-friendly MEtherm 55 is used particularly for dental hand pieces and other special instruments used in ophthalmic and ophthalmic-surgical practices and clinics. The citric acid-based neutralizer prevents the development of deposits on instruments and the thermal disinfector, whilst optimizing the cleaning outcome.

The phosphoric acid-based neutralizer MEtherm 56 is especially effective in the decontamination of medical devices in gynaecological, ENT or surgical practices and clinics. MEtherm 56 acts reliably to dissolve acid-soluble deposits such as lime scale and works effectively to prevent the accretion of film on the instruments and the washer disinfector.

MEtherm 61 is a liquid rinse aid for use in automatic instrument decontamination with MELAG washer disinfectors. Using MEtherm 61 supports the stain-free drying of instruments in the washer disinfector. MEtherm 61 is pH neutral and is especially material-friendly.

Using the MELAG process agents ensures the long term value-retention of your instruments and improves the efficiency of instrument reprocessing with MELAtherm 10 and MELatherm 10 evolution. Profit from our complementary solutions for instrument decontamination! Further information is available under MEtherm process agents.

Further information about replacing the MEtherm process agents in the MELAtherm 10 series washer disinfectors is also available in our video tutorial.

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