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Autoclave for veterinary practice: Vacuvet 23 B+

Vacuvet 23 B+

The veterinary autoclave

Decades of experience in conjunction with the specialized expertise in infection control guarantee most reliable solutions for steam sterilization in a veterinary clinic: Vacuvet 23 B+ combines durable and sturdy technology with ease-of-use.

Discover the product highlights aligned to the requirements in veterinary clinics:

Reliability: Are you looking for a safe and reliable autoclave with a long life-span? Follow the example of 500,000 practices and clinics throughout the world and take advantage of the superior MELAG quality - made in Germany.

Performance: Short cycle times and effective vacuum drying ensure the safe sterilization of all your instruments. Our aligned accessories make for optimal loading of the autoclave with up to 5 kg of instruments.

Safety: Vacuvet 23 B+ monitors all relevant process parameters using a highly precise microprocessor control to ensure highest safety. The program logs provide legal certainty and are saved via CF card, network connection or printer.

Flexibility: One autoclave – Two systems: With integrated water storage containers and an efficient air-cooling, the stand-alone concept make the autoclave completely independent of location and easy to install. The use of an additional MELAG water treatment unit ensures a fully automatic and time-saving water supply.


Thank you very much for your interest in our products. Contact the MELAG sales representatives to clarify individual questions, to arrange a product demonstration via an online Live-Demo and to find a suitable vet dealer nearby.

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Vacuvet 23 B+ is conceived for use in a veterinary context only. It is not a medical device as defined by 93/42/EEC or EU 2017/745 and thus has not been approved for use in a human medical context.

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Autoclave for veterinary clinics
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