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Front view MELAtronic 23 EN

MELAtronic 23 EN

Standard steam sterilizer with a chamber volume of 19 l

The MELAtronic 23 EN works in accordance with fractionated gravity system, and features high temperature and pressure sensors, as well as a microprocessor control unit. It thereby complies with EN 13060. The complete sterilization cycle takes place fully automatically. An integrated water quality monitoring, a water level indicator and a double-spaced alphanumeric display provide comfortable and easy use. The MELAtronic 23 EN has a serial interface, to which the MELAprint 44, log printer, or also the MELAflash compact flash card printer, can be connected.

The top-quality stainless steel chamber, with various safety devices and selected components signify reliable operation for many years. The MELAtronic 23 EN is designed for larger installations, in which up to 5 trays with a total weight of 4 kg of solid loads can be sterilized.


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Diagonal view MELAtronic 23 EN
Diagonal view MELAtronic 23 EN open

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