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Steam Sterilizers for Handpieces: The MELAquick 12+ series

Our compact quick steam sterilizer for dental practices and clinics

The Quick-Program of MELAquick 12+ can sterilize handpieces, prophylaxis instruments and other medical devices in only 7 minutes, e.g. in between treatment of different patients. The compact quick sterilizer permits decontamination of instruments compliant to international standards whilst saving time and money.

We provide two versions which can be adapted to the individual needs of your dental practice – MELAquick 12+ with a compressed air connection and MELAquick 12+ p stand alone with an integrated drying pump.

Find out about the advantages of the compact MELAquick 12+ steam sterilizer:

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Dental practices use a range of complex transfer instruments which can house rotating or oscillating instruments. It is usual to differentiate between electrical handpieces and those driven by compressed air.

The electric motor of a handpiece enables the best-possible control of RPM and performance. Turbines on the other hand, are preferred for their lightweight nature, affordability and the ease of use which they confer.

Patient treatment contaminates not only the exterior surfaces of the transfer instrument but also their narrow lumen channels and interior. As such, they require careful cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of the hollow cavities.


Decontaminating transfer instruments in a dental practice

The complete decontamination process for handpieces and turbines

When used in patient treatment, dental transfer instruments (handpieces and turbines) suffer both internal and external contamination with a mixture of saliva, blood and cooling water. This necessitates instrument decontamination after every patient treatment. The complex structure of dental transfer instruments places greater demands on the decontamination process.

The specifications of the instrument manufacturer require strict compliance during the decontamination of transfer instruments. For example, rotating instruments such as drill bits must be removed from their chuck. Moreover, all the external surfaces of the transfer instrument must be disinfected by wiping.

The cleaning and disinfection of the turbines and handpieces can be performed either manually or automatically. Automatic decontamination in MELAtherm 10 with its integrated active drying ensures low instrument wear whilst affording protection against recontamination.

We provide special accessories for MELAtherm 10 for the decontamination of complex hollow body articles. The injector rail with central filter or a filter disc housing are fitted with corresponding adapters for the respective hollow body instruments to ensure safe internal and external cleaning and disinfection of the instruments. Dental transfer instruments must be cleared for automatic decontamination in a WD. Instrument manufacturers mark their products with a corresponding symbol to indicate their suitability for washer-disinfectors.

Cleaning and disinfection of the instrument is followed by a check for cleanliness, and care with suitable agents. Transfer instruments must be cooled after removal from the washer-disinfector (WD). The integrated active drying of MELAtherm 10 saves considerable time. Check the passage of the channels in the next step, using suitable resources (e.g. adapter and care agent) recommended by the manufacturer. An external visual check is sufficient for the surface; the channels require suitable routine checks (ISO 15883-1).

The detachable heads of handpieces and turbines require oiling after every automatic decontamination in the washer-disinfector and before sterilization in a steam sterilizer. Excess oil must be removed. The transfer instruments are wrapped for sterilization after instrument care. Unwrapped instruments can be sterilized quickly and safely in the MELAquick 12+ Quick-Program.

MELAquick 12+ presents the optimal solution for decontaminating handpieces and turbines quickly and in RKI-compliant fashion. Up to 12 transfer instruments are sterilized in only 7 minutes - between patient treatments. The quick operating times of MELAquick 12+ ensure complete practice hygiene in a dental context, without the cost-intensive purchase of additional handpieces or turbines.

Video showing the benefits of the compact steam sterilizer MELAquick 12+

Quick steam sterilizers with a compressed air connection or as a stand alone solution

MELAquick 12+ and MELAquick 12+ p with integrated compressed air pump

The innovative MELAquick 12+ p, with its in-built compressor pump enables the use of this compact quick steam sterilizer in a decontamination room not equipped with a compressed air connection. The innovative functions and very short operating times and the wide range of documentation and approval forms provided by the MELAquick 12+ p are identical with that of the MELAquick 12+ (which requires connection to a compressed air supply). The device can also be networked with the MELAnet Box and documentation can be registered on a CF card via MELAflash. The use of MELAtrace permits paperless and traceable documentation of the decontamination process on the practice PC.

Take advantage of our versatile accessories program for the fast MELAquick steam sterilizers: Universal basket, ISO adapters and a package holder for acceptance of wrapped instruments.

Find out about the further advantages of MELAquick 12+ and MELAquick 12+ p on our product page.

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