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MELAseal 200

Compact and validatable sealing device

The validatable bar sealing device MELAseal 200 combines the proven merits of the successful MELAseal 100+ series with the advantages of larger rotary sealers. The MELAseal 200 complies with all the specifications of EN ISO 11607-2 as a matter of course. The MELAseal 200 sets new standards in terms of operation and documentation and is ready to operate after a short pre-heating time of approximately 90 seconds. The sealing time amounts to three seconds. Packaging can be sealed successively without interruption.

The large display and two integrated USB interfaces make the device extremely user-friendly. With 4 softkeys, an integrated user administration, a maintenance counter and a direct PC connection to the logging and sealing process, the MELAseal 200 is the benchmark for sealing devices of this class.

Experience the easy application of MELAseal 200 in our video tutorial:

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MELAseal 200 with sterilization packaging
Dental assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
Side view MELAseal 200
Side view MELAseal 200 with sterilization packaging
Side view MELAseal 200 with sterilization packaging
Video view product highlights MELAseal 200

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