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Diagonal top view of 2 sterilization containers

Sterilization Containers

Complies with Standard, in different sizes

The MELAG sterilization containers comply with EN 868-8 and offer storage of surgery sets protected against contamination. In accordance with DIN 58953, Part 8, after successful sterilization and drying, the wrapped instruments can be stored for up to 6 months provided they are stored in dust-protected conditions (e.g. in a cabinet or in a drawer). Compiling of sets is a great time saver, if the compilation of the used instruments is always identical. The sterilizer containers are punched on the bottom and the cover and equipped with disposable paper filters for protection from contamination, which are replaced at each sterilization.

Diagonal view sterilization containers of different sizes
Diagonal view of sterilization container
Sterilization container with holder
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