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Cliniclave 45

The large and fast steam sterilizer for practice and hospital

With a loading quantity of up to 40 kg of unwrapped instruments, up to 35 kg of wrapped instruments and up to 7 kg of textiles, the Cliniclave 45 offers a far greater range than many other large steam sterilizers. The extra-large cylindrical sterilization chamber in combination with specifically designed insertion racks offers ideal solutions for all areas of application. Particularly fast operating times, a high load capacity and a reliable sterilization safety are the most important requirements for a large steam sterilizer for practices and clinics. Thanks to the patented technology of the sterilization chambers used in the Cliniclave 45 and the optimized operating hours enabled by this technology, the Cliniclave becomes a decisive component in the area of instrument treatment.

The slide rail integrated into the sterilization chamber simplifies the loading and unloading of the Cliniclave 45. It allows for the various loading configurations to be slid into and removed from the Cliniclave 45 in an effortless, ergonomic and fast manner. The extra-large colour touch display enables an intuitive operation as well as a quick programme selection and helps to avoid errors. The integrated software for documentation, approval and tracing saves costs and allows for comprehensive safety. The particularly economical handling of resources was one of the main objectives when designing the Cliniclave 45. Low energy and water consumption as well as a sophisticated development concept make the Cliniclave 45 one of the most economical, compact and lightest large steam sterilizers.


The procedure of the sensor-controlled and load-specific vacuum drying proce dure saves time, coolingwater and energy and guarantees optimal drying results.

Energy-saving mode

If the Cliniclave 45 is not to be switched off during longer operating pauses, the energy-saving mode can be set. This shortens the pre-heating time before the next start.

Automatic shutdown

Activating this function before starting the last batch of the day means that the Cliniclave switches-off automatically immediately after the end of the program. Batch approvelcan then be performed the next day, immediately after activating the device.

Start time pre-selection

The starttime pre-selection function enables the user to select any program and then start it at a specific time, e.g. in order to perform a routine test program.


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Cliniclave 45 front view
Front view Cliniclave 45 open
Diagonal view Cliniclave 45
Dental assistant with trolley in front of Cliniclave 45
Diagonal view Cliniclave 45 trolley with sterilization load

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Clinique Bellevue
Reliability and perfection. Cliniclave 45 provides us with efficient processes and ensures the highest level of protection against infections for our patients.
Thumbay Dental Hospital
Ajman UAE
So easy to use and with a very high capacity: Cliniclave 45 allows us to sterilize more instruments within a single cycle.
AniCura Small Animal Specialists
Our patients and their owners have the highest priority.
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