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Large Steam Sterilizers with 1 and 2 STU: The Cliniclave 45 Series

The ideal solution for large clinics, hospitals and central sterile services departments (CSSD)

Highly energy-efficient, these innovative large steam sterilizers can process large quantities of sterilization material in a relatively short period, thereby supporting the smooth running of operations in hospitals, outpatient clinics and surgical practices. The four models of the Cliniclave series cover a range of needs: the 110 litre model of our single or double-door sterilizers can accommodate a single sterilization unit. Our 205 litre model can accommodate two sterilization units. The Cliniclave series has become synonymous with speed, precision, reliability and an ergonomic design.

Discover the product highlights of our large steam sterilizers:

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What is a large steam sterilizer?

International standards prescribe that large steam sterilizers have a minimum chamber volume of 60 litres or sufficient space for one or more sterilization units. A sterilization unit (STU) is a module with the dimensions 300 x 300 x 600 mm (height x width x depth). The high capacity of the steam sterilizer is needed by a central sterile services department (CSSD), also called sterile processing department (SPD) or central supply department (CSD) as an integrated part of hospitals and other larg practices and clinics that performs reprocessing on medical devices, equipment and instruments.

Let our success stories inspire you: In our brochure you can learn more about the versatile use of our large steam sterilizers in clinics and hospitals all over the world.

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Sterilization in large clinics, hospitals and CSSD

Cliniclave  - a reliable large autoclave for ensuring quick instrument availability

The Cliniclave 45 series is ideal for deployment in large practices, outpatient surgery centres, outpatient surgeries, walk-in healthcare centres and small hospitals. The Magnum Cliniclave 45 M (volume: 200 litres) and Cliniclave 45 MD (volume: 205 litres) can accommodate two sterilization units. Both these models and the Cliniclave 45 D double-door pass-through steam sterilizer (volume: 110 litres) and the Cliniclave 45 (volume: 105 litres) have proven to be a great success, not only in general medicine, but also practices for oral and maxillofacial surgery; in large-scale dental practices and in oral surgical practices.

Chose from between four different versions of Cliniclave: Whether as a single or double door version for 1 STU or 2 STU, every Cliniclave is fitted with the same cutting-edge technology. This permits safe and efficient sterilization tailored to the individual requirements of each practice or clinic - the number of patients treated; the types of instrument used; the space available; regional standards; and legal directives.

Cliniclave sterilizers feature a range of innovative functions such its patented double-jacket technology, the Drytelligence intelligent drying system and its unique multi-point steam injection and discharge. All this make the Cliniclave large steam sterilizers ideal for the needs of a large practice or clinic. This technologies enable the record operating times and excellent drying results (even with a maximum load of 70 kg in the Cliniclave 45 M and Cliniclave 45 MD) which the Cliniclave series achieves.

Every Cliniclave large steam sterilizer is fitted with an XXL colour touch-display with an intuitive operator interface for the easiest-possible operation. The Cliniclave 45 D and Cliniclave 45 MD are both fitted with two displays – one on the loading side and the other on the removal side. This enables the realization of multi-room hygiene plans which separate the clean and unclean areas. Batch approval via the XXL colour touch-display permits safe and quick documentation and approval of the sterilization batch. The decontamination report is saved via the CF card slot or via a network connection.

Loading the large steam sterilizer Cliniclave 45


The ergonomic loading system of the Cliniclave 45 series optimizes the operating procedures of every decontamination room. Those responsible for decontamination duties in clinics are required to transport large and heavy sterilization units from the washer-disinfector to the steam sterilizer. Our ergonomic concept for safe and easy loading and unloading of the large steam sterilizer (consisting of a transport trolley, loading hook and a batch slider with Teflon rails) makes the daily routine of practice employees so much easier.

Based on international standards MELAG recommends a monthly vacuum test and a daily Bowie & Dick test to ensure the safe operation of a large steam sterilizer.

A Bowie & Dick test serves as proof of the steam penetration of porous materials such as textiles. Simply enter the test package in the large steam sterilizer and start the corresponding Bowie & Dick test program. The Bowie & Dick test provides proof of fast and equal steam penetration into the test package.

An additional batch control can be performed on critical B instruments using a Helix test body. Our MELAcontrol Helix system enables you to perform safe and reliable checks of the sterilization process even in complex hollow body articles. The colour change of the indicator strips makes for verifiable documentation of the batch approval performed on the XXL colour touch-display, thereby obviating the need for storage of the Helix test body indicator strips in a paper archive.

The supply of the large steam sterilizer with demineralized water can be performed using an external water treatment unit such as the MELAdem 56 reverse osmosis unit from MELAG. Irrespective of your choice of water treatment unit, MELAG Cliniclave 45 series devices are one of the few large steam sterilizers available on the market which comply with the requirements placed on the protection of the drinking water supply by EN 1717.

Find out more about the advantages of the MELAdem 56 water treatment unit.

Decontamination room with Cliniclave 45

Our Success Stories in Clinics, Hospitals and CSSD

Customer feedback

Countless practices and clinics are convinced of the advantages of the Cliniclave 45 series. Find out more from our experience reports. Further customer feedback can be found under “References”.


SPREEDOCS in the Clinica Vita
With two outpatient surgical centres in Berlin, SPREEDOCS specialize in general surgery, plastic surgery and orthopaedic surgery:

„The short operating times, large load quantities and simple operation of the Cliniclave saves us time and money.“

Find out more about instrument decontamination with the Cliniclave 45 in the SPREEDOCS group practice


FREY oral surgeons, Dr H. Frey & Dr C. Frey
The oral surgical referral practice in Berlin Tempelhof was established 15 years ago. With three specialist dentists for oral surgery, our specialist focus is implantology and periodontology.

„The operating times, load quantity, loading and unloading, operation and additional functions of the Cliniclave 45 permit the decontamination of a larger volume of instruments in a shorter time. This saves time and money every day.“

Find out more about instrument decontamination with the Cliniclave 45 in the Frey Practice.


Centrum Zdrowia Tuchów, Poland
Our central sterilized equipment supply department in Tuchów municipal hospital purchased the MELAG Cliniclave 45 D large steam sterilizer as part of a refurbishment programme. Hospitals need to ensure the strict separation of clean and unclean areas. The MELAG double-door steam sterilizers comply safely and reliably with all the demands placed on them.

„The health and safety of our patients is our number one priority: the Cliniclave was the best choice to meet our exacting requirements.“

Find out more about the advantages of a double-door large steam sterilizer deployed in a hospital context at Centrum Zdrowia Tuchów.

Centrum Zdrowia Tuchów, Poland
The health and safety of our patients is our number one priority: Cliniclave 45 D was the best choice to meet our exacting requirements.
Oral Surgery Dr. H. Frey & Dr. C. Frey
The short process times and the good drying results of our Cliniclave 45 are highly convincing and bring considerable advantages.
Doctor's assistant moves load of instruments into Cliniclave
SPREEDOCS in the Clinica Vita
The Cliniclave saves time and money.
OMFS Clinic GesichtsPunkt
In MELAG, we have found a strong and reliable partner to help implement the highest hygiene standards, providing the best protection for patients and staff alike.
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