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MELAprint 60

Label printer for Premium-Class

The network-compatible MELAprint 60 is designed for direct communication with the MELAtrace software, steam sterilizers of the Premium-Class and Cliniclave series. It may be connected direct to the network interface of the steam sterilizer, but also to the existing practice network and MELAtrace. When the sterilization program has been completed successfully, and clearance is seen on the screen of the steam sterilizer, labels are printed with the MELAprint 60 for labelling the wrapped instruments. An additional PC in the processing room and external software for clearance are unnecessary.

An additional PC in the reprocessing room and external software for release is not required. The labels contain information about the device and sterilization program, the sterilization date, the daily and total batch, the storage period of the sterilized instrument, if applicable the personnel numbers of the persons who started the sterilization, released instruments for use and printed the label as well as a barcode for convenient digital documentation in your practice.

Labelprinter MELAprint 60
Doctor's assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
Tablet display with MELAtrace and MELAprint 60
Scan device scanning label on sterilization package

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