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Front view MELAdes 700 surface disinfectant

Surface Disinfectant

MELAdes 700: Powerful against viruses, gentle with surfaces and skin

The MELAdes 700 quick surface disinfectant is the ideal preparation for cleaning and disinfecting alcohol-resistant inventory as well as all types of surfaces. MELAdes 700 is suitable for usage in particularly inaccessible areas.

MELAdes 700 is a slightly alcoholic and aldehyde-free quick surface disinfectant. Due to its aldehyde-free formulation, discolouring caused by MELAdes 700 can be almost excluded. MELAdes 700 has a pleasant, fresh odour, and its excellent skin-friendliness has been tested by dermatologists. Its comprehensive effectiveness against viruses, including its effectiveness against Noro viruses – guarantees high levels of hygiene.

Dental assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
Hand filling MELAdes 700 with disinfecting tissues
Hand filling disinfection liquid into MELAdes 700
Hand taking disinfection tissue out of MELAdes 700
Close-up MELAdes 700
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