MELAG Medizintechnik oHG
Geneststraße 6 -10
10829 Berlin
T +49 30 75 79 11-0
F +49 30 75 79 11-99


Front view MELAdes 800 instrument disinfectant

Instrument Disinfectant

MELAdes 800: Fast-acting and practical to apply

MELAdes 800 is a material-friendly and detergent instrument disinfectant (concentrate). MELAdes 800 instrument disinfectant is suitable for the manual cleaning and disinfection of all types of surgical instruments, including minimally invasive surgery (MIS), rigid endoscopes, anaesthesia material, operating theatre shoes and hoses. For the protection of your instruments the preparation contains corrosion inhibitors. Thanks to the aldehyde- and phenol-free formulation, protein fixation is avoided. The excellent cleaning power of MELAdes 800 allows you to disinfect and clean in one working step, which in turn leads to savings in time and money.

Doctor's assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
Hand filling MELAdes 800 instrument disinfection liquid into instrument bath
Close-up MELAdes 800
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