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Front view MELAdes 600 hand disinfectant set

Hand Disinfectant

MELAdes 600: Well-tolerated and effective

MELAdes 600 is the ideal preparation for personal hand hygiene. Its skin friendliness and its spectrum of activity have been designed to meet the particular requirements of medical and dental practices. MELAdes 600 is a ready-for-use, alcoholic and unscented disinfectant, which is rubbed into the skin and hands. Its quick action time of 30 seconds for the hygienic disinfection of hands and 1.5 minutes for the disinfection of hands and forearms enables an excellent integration into effective practice processes. 

The formulation of MELAdes 600 does not contain any cumulative active ingredients with long-term effect or other additives and is thus extremely skin-friendly. It has been recommended by dermatologists for disinfecting the skin/hands of allergy-sensitive persons or persons with a sensitive skin and is compatible with all washing lotions.

Front view wall dispenser for MELAdes 600 hand disinfectant
Doctor's assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
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