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Front view MELAdes 801 drill disinfectant

Drill Disinfectant

MELAdes 801: Efficient combination product

MELAdes 801 is a ready-for-use combination product for disinfecting and cleaning dental drills and other rotating precision instruments. The dental drill disinfectant is characterised by its excellent cleaning power, its broad spectrum of activity, its effective corrosion protection and its pleasant, discreet odour. MELAdes 801 is suitable for disinfectant cleaning in an ultrasonic bath and a "Fräsator" bur disinfector.

The MELAdes 801 dental drill disinfectant has an extraordinary material compatibility and is also suitable for particularly sensitive and high-quality materials such as e.g. diamond cutters, aluminium drills, rubber polishers, carbide drills, Arkansas stones and ceramic abrasive bodies.

Hand filling MELAdes 801 into drill
Doctor's assistant in sterilization room with MELAG system solution
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