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Wellness for your instruments

The perfect duo for the reprocessing of dental hollow body instruments: With pioneering technologies, Careclave and Carebox guarantee optimum cleaning and care. The excellent reprocessing outcomes are the basis for the reliable function and long life span of your valuable instruments.

With adapters for transmission instruments, external spray channels, ultrasonic scaler tips and prophylaxis handpieces the Careboxes are customized to your individual needs:

Carebox Green: For the safe reprocessing of up to 8 prophylaxis handpieces and ultrasonic scaler tips with torque wrenches.

Carebox Blue: For the safe reprocessing and reliable lubrication of up to 8 handpieces and turbines.

The patented Carebox Connect Technology automatically recognizes which Carebox was inserted and adapts the program selection to your load. Thanks to the patented iDOS dosing procedure, the required amount of oil is then supplied to each instrument in the Carebox with pinpoint accuracy - even if unneeded adapters remain free.

Systematic reprocessing and care ensure maximum instrument protection:

MELAG quality inspection - safe and reliable instrument reprocessing with Careclave


The reprocessing quality is verified by intensive endurance runs with over 40,000 cycles in specially developed test rigs as well as by an independent laboratory for instruments from all well-known manufacturers.


Thank you for your interest in our products. Please contact the MELAG area manager responsible for your region to clarify individual questions and to arrange a consultation now via online Live Demo or on-site at your practice or clinic.

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Eingehangene Carebox am Careclave
Carebox Blue mit 8 Hohlkörperinstrumenten
Carebox Green mit 8 Hohlkörperinstrumenten
Careclave Carebox-Connect-Technologie
MELAG Systemlösung inkl. Careclave, Carebox und Coolingbox
Carebox Blue - schräge Ansicht
Carebox Green - schräge Ansicht
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