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Care Oil

The fully-synthetic dental oil for Careclave

Smooth running: Rely on the MELAG Care Oil for the lubrication of your precious instruments. The fully-synthetic Care Oil is not only economical in its consumption, but also guarantees the best-possible lubrication of handpieces and turbines in the Carebox Blue.

The oil can is placed in the door to save space and is ideally matched to the unique product highlights of Careclave:

the patented iDOS dosing procedure, the required amount of oil is supplied to each instrument


The patented dosing procedure guarantees pinpoint care of your handpieces and turbines in the Carebox – even if unneeded adapters remain free in the Carebox.
The ADDcare care station reminds you at all times of the so important chuck care of the instruments


The ADDcare station, ergonomically integrated into the door of Careclave, ensures the vital care for your instrument heads.
With the use of one MELAG Care Oil can, up to 1000 instruments can be cared for

Insert the Care Oil can

1x Care Oil inserted. 1,000x instruments lubricated. A process that could not be more simple and ensures the optimal care and protection of your instruments.
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