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MELAG Innovation Days 2024

Our Highlight-Event for European Dealers

With over 75 participants from 20 nations, the MELAG Innovation Day 2024 recently entered its second round. This special event was organized especially for MELAG's international retail partners from all over Europe and offered the unique opportunity to experience the MELAG brand from a new perspective. Guests were able to immerse themselves in the world of MELAG hygiene and feel the passion and joy that MELAG puts into its instrument reprocessing solutions every day.

The guests of the MELAG Innovation Day 2024 had the opportunity to get to know the MELAG system solutions and the new world premieres MELAseal 300 and Vacuclav 105 / 305 in exciting keynote presentations, factory tours and practical break-out sessions. The exciting keynote presentations provided in-depth insights into the latest innovations and technological advances that MELAG has to offer. The factory tours offered a rare opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and experience MELAG's advanced production processes at first hand. In the hands-on break-out sessions, guests were able to engage in intensive discussions in small groups, learn about the products and share best practices.

The after-work evening on the roof terrace was a special highlight. With a relaxed atmosphere, good food and refreshing drinks, MELAG was able to strengthen personal relationships with its valued specialist retail partners and the guests themselves were able to exchange ideas and make new contacts. The picturesque view of the city lent the evening a special charm and rounded off the day perfectly. On Saturday, the participants started with an exciting sightseeing tour that took them to the city's most beautiful sights. The tour ended with lunch at the Hopfingerbräu, a traditional restaurant known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent cuisine. Here, MELAG and its extensive network of specialist retailers were able to continue their discussions in a relaxed atmosphere and discover new synergies.

The following photos and video will give you an impression of this important event for MELAG: