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MELAG Hygiene Partner Natural Dental Office


Relying on the MELAG system solution means another great step ahead shifting the instrument reprocessing to the highest level of infection prevention.

Dr. Endo's dental clinic Natural Dental Office Hashimoto has been awarded as a MELAG Hygiene Partner for excellence in instrument reprocessing and patient protection. The dental clinic relies on the integrated MELAG system solution which produces a safe and efficient process flow for the maximum of patient safety.

At the Natural Dental Office Hashimoto per day some 150 patients are treated safely with a team of 5 dentists and about 20 staff members. After establishing top-level hygiene standards in his first dental clinic, with the concept and development of his new clinic, Dr. Endo wanted to proceed a next step ahead moving beyond excellence in infection control. He travelled to Germany, visiting MELAG and dental practices in Berlin, inspecting decontamination rooms to design a reliable instrument reprocessing workflow for the decontamination room in his own clinic. Inspired by innovation and reliabilty of the system solution he headed back to Japan to build up a state of the art hygiene cycle.

The instrument decontamination room of the Natural Dental Office Hashimoto is equipped with MELAtherm 10 for automatic cleaning and disinfection, the sealing device MELAseal 100+ for packaging, MELAquick 12+ and Vacuklav 31 B+ for the sterilization of dental instruments. Standardization helps to avoid mistakes and enhances the entire instrument decontamination process. Instead of cleaning and disinfecting the instruments manually Dr. Endo decided to use the automatic cleaning and disinfection which ensures a considerably better protection for the patients and his team. After a visual inspection, the instruments are sealed with MELAseal 100+ before sterilizing with Vacuklav 31 B+. For the sterilization of handpieces and turbines the Natural Dental Office Hashimoto relies on the the compact and fast steam sterilizer MELAquick 12 +. Using the MELAG system provides safe and efficient instrument reprocessing following the highest international hygiene standards.

We are delighted to see the MELAG system solution and our products implemented and used perfectly to gain the highest effect of patient protection.

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