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Success Story

MELAG Hygiene Partner Dr. Daniel Tan & Associates

"Our commitment is to provide the highest standard of infection prevention and best personalised care for our patients. We use the MELAG System Solution."

MELAG awarded Dr. Daniel Tan & Associates for excellence in instrument reprocessing and patient protection. The dental practice, located in East Launceston, Tasmania, is dedicated to
bringing a holistic approach to dental & aesthetic treatment.

The core belief and philosophy of the practice is: the needs of their patients comes first. Their holistic focus is primarily on how the body interconnects, as well as the effect of oral health on the wellbeing. Focusing on this effect they want to provide the highest standard of
patient care and efficiency. With the implementation of the integrated MELAG System Solution - the washer disinfector MELAtherm 10, two Premium Evolution Vacuclav steam sterilizers, the sealing device MELAseal Pro for fast and safe packaging completed by MELAtrace, the software for documentation, load management and batch approval - Dr. Daniel Tan & Associates established a reliable, fully traceable and efficient hygiene cycle.

Using the MELAG system enhences the entire process of instrument decontamination including documentation and traceability. Dr. Daniel Tan & Associates provide a high expertise in instrument reprocessing, infection prevention and infection control.