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MELAG Hygiene Partner Ceulen Klinieken


Our primary goal is to provide safe and efficient patient treatment. The MELAG System Solution offers the solid basis to achieve this goal.

We awarded Ceulen Klinieken for excellence in instrument reprocessing and patient protection. Ceulen Klinieken is a specialized, independent treatment center. The primary goal of the clinic is to provide safe and efficient treatment processes.

Ceulen Klinieken stands for high-quality medical specialist care, personal attention, short waiting times, patient safety and excellent service and aftercare. The clinic relies on the MELAG System Solution to guarantee safe and efficient workflows and the best infection prevention: MELAtherm 10, MELAseal 200, 2 x Vacuklav Evolution 43 B+, MELAtrace and MELAstore. After having their instruments sterilized externally, now the clinic benefits from decreased costs and the opportunity to be able to meet the necessary stock on clean sets at the time of greater demand. Using the MELAG System Solution enables better self-monitoring of the process and also to be monitored by external supervisors.

With the implementation of the integrated MELAG System Solution Ceulen Klinieken established a reliable, fully tracable hygiene cycle. The dental clinic provides a high expertise in infection prevention and infection control.

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