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System Solution

The use of products in our system solution that are tailored to one another saves time and costs from the initial putting into operation as a result of the improved instrument decontamination workflow.

A further practical benefit of the system solution for practices in particular is the saving in terms of maintenance and validation costs: if the sterilizer, the thermal disinfector, the sealing device and the water treatment unit come from the same manufacturer, maintenance and validation operations can be synchronised by the same technician, so plans can be made in a manner that saves time and costs.

The comprehensive documentation of the instrument decontamination process including loading administration, approval and tracing through MELAtrace as a binding part of the system solution is a real joy. In-app design and touch screens that are easy to operate mean MELAtrace offers practices another invaluable cost advantage. Instead of many individual licences, only one licence has to be obtained.

The system solution therefore not only stands for particular safety and a reduced workload but also for cost savings.

Instrument bath Wall dispenser MELAstore MELAseal 200 Fast sterilizerMELAquick 12+ Premium sterilizer MELAprint 60 Documentationandapproval software MELAtherm MELAdem 53

Instrument bath & wall dispenser

Practices without a washer-disinfector use the MELAdes 800 and MELAdes 801 to achieve excellent disinfection results. To this end, we developed the instrument bath. Hand disinfection is easy with the MELAdes 600 wall dispenser.



The MELAstore system, made up of the MELAstore-Tray and MELAstore-Box enables an especially efficient and low-cost instrument decontamination workflow and a safe, injury-free ergonomic experience for the practice team.



As the lynchpin of the system solution, the MELAtherm provides the best cleaning results. Its integrated documentation, drying and metering module for the take-up of the process media are included in the price.


MELAseal 200

MELAseal sealing devices convince through their high-quality performance, perfect results, exceptional reliability and a large range of aligned accessory parts. Wrapped instruments can be stored contamination-free for up to 6 month.


MELAdem 53

Those placing considerable importance on the value-retention of their instruments and perfect cleaning results choose a water treatment unit which can be connected to a steam sterilizer and washer-disinfaector at the same time.


MELAquick 12+

The MELAquick represents the optimal solution for protective and thorough sterilization of handpieces in only 7 minutes - including drying.


Premium sterilizer

The steam sterilizers of the Premium-Class provide record operating times, intuitive operation with the XXL colour touch display, excellent drying results, complete reliability and a great all-round performance.


MELAprint 60

The MELAprint 60 is a reliable printer to print barcode labels, enabling the traceability of the instrument decontamination process.


Documentation and approval software

The easy-to-use and reliable comprehensive software MELAtrace satisfies all demands made on the documentation, approval and traceability of all decontamination steps.

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