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Brand new System Solution in Australia!


Mission completed: after 3 years of hard work and great team effort the major project of a completely new decontamination room in the Sunraysia Community Health Services Group in Victoria, Australia was successfully completed!

Together with the management, technicians and architects the MELAG sales team at Device Technologies facilitated the complete redesign and renovation of the reprocessing area to improve and better provide for the successful processing from decontamination and sterilisation to the patient side and to ensure best reprocessing quality.


Working very closely with the client to ensure the right outcome could be delivered with the best possible customer experience, the project involved the removal of all the existing equipment and replacing it with MELAG equipment which consists of:

  • 3 x MELAtherm 10 Washer Disinfectors with 3 x MELAdem 53 Demineraliser systems
  • 2 x MELAseal Pro
  • 2 x Cliniclave 45MD with MELAprint60
  • 1 x MELAtrace with MELAprint 60


The installation and validation of the devices was a two week install and after hours and days of project management, extensive product introductions and pre and post installation trainings the staff were well equipped to start operation of the CSSD space.

We congratulate all participants for this great success and especially want to thank Ian Hopkins and Alison Walker from Device Technologies as well as the Sunraysia Community Health Services Group for the effort and great confidence in our products! This project has been the largest (in scale) to date for the direct sales team in Australia and one that all involved can be very proud of!


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