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Providing technical training in Myanmar and Vietnam


After travelling for almost 24 hours, the MELAG training team landed at Yangon Airport in Myanmar greeted by high temperatures and 90 degree humidity. The team arrived to provide technicians and users with important training in the use of MELAG products.

We are continually striving to improve our service for customers across the world.
It was a huge learning experience for our colleagues who gathered valuable information which will be incorporated into their work. Obtaining reliable information about local conditions and the cultural context means that we can develop individual solutions which cater to the needs of our various target regions. Over 1000 service technicians visit our MELAG Academy in Berlin every year. The technical trainings make a significant contribution to customer satisfaction and the safe operation of MELAG devices. In addition to training technicians, our Customer Service operatives were able to speak to clinic personnel and meet our business partners in Myanmar and Vietnam.

A hands-on seminar in Myanmar
The first training session was provided in the Myanmar Military Hospital; here we performed demonstration maintenance of a Cliniclave 45 M used in the hospital in order to provide instruction about the components and function of the large steam sterilizer. As the hospital was equipped with a second Cliniclave 45 M, the maintenance did not interrupt the instrument decontamination process and the supply of sterile instruments continued uninterrupted.

The practical training which we provided was a complete success. It was clear that the participants found it a challenging and valuable experience. All the participating technicians were highly committed and performed the maintenance independently but under the watchful eye of the MELAG personnel.

Thorough care and regular maintenance of MELAG devices is of especial importance in countries with challenging climactic conditions such as humidity, so as to ensure value-retention and a long service life. Service technicians can play their part by choosing the right parameters and performing the correct maintenance. This enables them to optimize operating conditions and ensuring reliable instrument decontamination. One example of this approach adopted during the maintenance sessions in Myanmar was the steps taken to improve the leakage rate of the Cliniclave 45 M.

Practice and theory in Vietnam
Using a combination of lectures and practical exercises, our customer services staff sent to Hanoi were able to impart important theoretical training to a number of highly committed service technicians, focussing on operation and maintenance of the Premium-Class Evolution, Pro-Class and MELAtherm 10. Our partners in Vietnam kindly provided both their rooms and a model of a MELAtherm 10 which we used to practice the installation of the washer-disinfector.

As in Myanmar, training on the Cliniclave was performed in a hospital setting. Hanoi state hospital deploys a Cliniclave 45 and a Cliniclave 45 M for sterilization purposes. Working with the opened device, the instructors first provided an explanation of the various components. The group then went through the maintenance procedure step by step using a maintenance record. All of the participants were highly motivated, and asked a number of questions. This resulted in a number of conversations about the correct use of the MELAG devices. The technicians now had the confidence to perform installation and maintenance tasks alone.

Successful information exchange for the optimal use of MELAG products for the best-possible infection protection for patient and team
The training trip was a resounding success. Our customer service team enabled the technicians in Myanmar and Vietnam to take significant steps to improving their skills pertaining to their MELAG products approach. In addition to technical instruction, the MELAG team was able to use the opportunity to discuss a range of topics over meals in a relaxed setting.

We should like to extend our thanks to our local dealers and host hospitals for organizing the events, providing interpreting services and allowing us to work with the devices integrated in existing sterilization processes.

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