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The new benchmark for automatic instrument decontamination


MELAtherm 10 Evolution: the new MELAG washer disinfector impresses with a large Smart-Touch Display and innovative product features. What provides the Smart-Touch Display and what are the advantages the new MELAG washer disinfector "has in stock"?

We at MELAG work continually to ensure that medical and dental practices can choose from the best and most innovative products to guarantee easy-to-use hygiene system solutions providing total security. AquaBoost performs double the rinse pressure and up to 44 % better cleaning outcomes. The increased rinse pressure permits the decontamination of even more instruments: the treatment of 23 handpieces and sufficient instruments for up to 40 patients in only 60 minutes! Not only is the Smart-Touch Display especially large, it also offers many innovative features and a highly user-friendly intuitive operating interface. Even helpful video tutorials can be viewed in brilliant quality. In addition to proven product highlights such as active drying, feeding process agents, documentation - integrated at no extra cost - MELAtherm 10 Evolution now scores with the batch release ProControl. Staff can perform fast and paperless batch approval directly on the device. This optimizes the workflow considerably.

With even more cleaning performance, easy trend-setting multimedia operation of MELAtherm 10 Evolution, we set the benchmark for automatic instrument decontamination.

✓ Large Smart-Touch Display including video tutorials
✓ AquaBoost technology providing 44 % enhanced instrument cleaning
✓ Active interior and exterior drying
✓ Batch approval directly on the device with ProControl
✓ MELAconnect App - access the device status and program progress via the mobile app
✓ Feeding process agents with the dosing unit without any additional charge
✓ Batch documentation with CF card or network

Learn more about the thermal disinfector MELAtherm 10 Evolution.

Discover in video the advantages of our washer disinfector MELAtherm 10 Evolution.


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