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MELAG Teams at the Berlin Team Relay Race 2017


The members of 16 squads recruited from various departments of our company have given all at the Berlin team relay race in the Berlin Tiergarten.

On Thursday, 15.08.2017 at 6.30 pm the first runners of the first starting MELAG teams went on course to run 5 kilometers. A team consists of 5 members - all of them have to run 5 km. This season not only our company sent a record number of 80 participating runners to the relay race - this year the whole event broke the record with a total of 5,808 runners.

Despite dust and heat, everyone had been highly motivated, positive and in very good form so that our MELAG colleagues could earn super placings.

After all the action and effort the whole team spent a very nice summer evening in the Berlin Tiergarten.

Thanks for this strong commitment: 80 runners in the MELAG colors, great placings - even a team in the top 10 of the day and lots of fun at the Berlin team relay race 2017.

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