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New additions to the MELAG hygiene world: Cleanfinity Filter and MELAink Test


Our new products provide the best possible protection against infection: the Cleanfinity Filter ensures the especially hygienic cleaning and disinfection of hollow body instruments in the MELAtherm 10 washer-disinfector, whilst the MELAink Test checks the seal seam reliably for leaks.

This high performance but cost-effective approach to instrument decontamination provides the greatest-possible protection for patient and team alike, whilst providing legal certainty. This works best when using a system solution covering the complete hygiene cycle.

Increasing global mobility brings with it the increasing spread of dangerous infections and diseases. Many millions of people die every year from highly-infectious diseases such as Hepatitis, Tuberculosis and HIV. This makes it even more important to guarantee careful instrument decontamination in medical and dental practices. We at MELAG work continually to ensure that medical and dental practices can choose from the best and most innovative products to ensure easy-to-use hygiene system solutions providing total security.

We are proud to present the latest additions to our product range. Discover the advantages conferred by the new products:

Cleanfinity Filter: the cleanable central filter
Reliable fine filtration of the water is especially important for the cleaning and disinfection of hollow body instruments with narrow lumen. The innovative control indicator display on the injector rail of MELAtherm 10 checks the flow and the filtration performance after every cycle. This provides maximum safety and cost-effectiveness. The new Cleanfinity Filter is highly sustainable: in contrast to other disposable filter solutions this central filter can be reused permanently after cleaning with a brush under running water. The robust material ensures a long product life-cycle even after repeated cleaning and disinfection cycles. The re-usable Cleanfinity Filter is the most simple and safe solution for decontaminating of hollow body instruments.

MELAink Test
MELAink Test is delivered with 30 practical bags containing the ink for the test. The seal seam control is performed by sealing a MELAink Test in a transparent sterilization package, then pressing the ink out of the bag. The spread of the ink acts as a quick and reliable test (for irregularities, defects and channels) of the seal seam on all four sides of the packaging. Perfectly prepared to fulfil every requirement: MELAink Test provides an additional test for routine control of your seal seam which allows you to demonstrate that your sealing device is functioning correctly.



Our video provides an overview of the advantages conferred by the Cleanfinity Filter.

Safe - through the innovative control indicator display
Simple - can be used independently of the configuration and number of adapters
Sustainable - thanks to its robust filter material
Economical - no follow-up costs

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