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Follow us now & win MELAtrace: MELAG on social media!


Follow us now & win MELAtrace: MELAG on social media!

Instrument reprocessing is a dry subject with boring standards and guidelines? Not with us! We love to inform, entertain and inspire you on social media.

But that's not all: In order to scroll through your digital decontamination rooms even more frequently in the future, we are now launching an attractive contest! MELAG will select the "decontamination room of the month" from all tagged posts and, in addition to free chamber cleaning sets, will give away as the main prize a MELAtrace incl. installation and Instruction!

The software solution, worth €1,058, guarantees tamper-proof documentation, approval and traceability of the entire reprocessing process without annual license or signature fees.

And here's how easy it is to enter the contest:

1. take a creative photo or short video, in the reprocessing room.

2. publish your content as a post or story on Instagram and tag @melag_medizintechnik 

3. on 3/15/2022, the lucky winners will be announced on MELAG's Story and notified via private message

MELAG is embracing new, innovative approaches to more than just its products. From TikTok to LinkedIn - we stage our versatile instrument reprocessing solutions with humor and a wink on all digital platforms. Follow us now on social networks and don't miss any future updates, promotions and video tutorials from the MELAG Hygiene World:






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