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The Careclave Quality Inspection


Your satisfaction is our claim: To ensure that you can rely 100% on Careclave, we focus on intensive quality testing!

In specially developed test stations, Careclave was tested with the most difficult test soiling in an endurance run with over 40,000 cycles - everything to make things work for you!

These endurance runs confirm our high standards of reliability and reprocessing results - and have been doing so since 2019! This year, various test practices have already integrated the Careclave into their everyday work and have been using it daily ever since.

In order to also ensure the function of your instruments in the long term, we also work together with an independent expert. This expert tested the transmission instruments of our Careclave test practices and clearly established that the instruments reprocessed with Careclave are in excellent condition!

For maximum instrument protection that dental practices love!

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