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Together for hygiene

The Hygiene Alliance of DFA Heilwesen, Praxis+Award and MELAG

Germany's medical and dental practices invest a lot of time and money in their hygiene management. One of the aims of the new HYGIENE ALLIANZ, for which MELAG Medizintechnik, DFA Heilwesen and Praxis+Award have joined forces, is to bring these services more into focus and present them transparently.

As perception grows, so does confidence

While the high, legally prescribed and voluntarily provided standard of their hygiene management is a matter of course for practice owners and their teams, patients often feel rather uncertain about this topic. When looking for a medical practice, more than 90% of German citizens would like to have more information about hygiene measures there.

Within the framework of the cooperation, MELAG and the DFA will initially send representatives to the newly founded predicate committee, which will henceforth validate and update the criteria and procedure for the award. Furthermore, the HYGIENE ALLIANZ wants to ensure a new culture of appreciation for this topic with targeted measures and joint events.

The twofold objective is therefore: firstly, to give patients orientation and security, and secondly, to highlight the services of the practices transparently and to appreciate them in a comprehensible way. It is a perfect prerequisite that each of the three partners approaches the topic of practice hygiene in a completely different way.

As the world market leader for practice autoclaves and thermo washer disinfectors, industry heavyweight MELAG leads the way in the field of instrument reprocessing and also ensures the qualification of practice teams with various hygiene training courses. For some time now, MELAG has been working with DFA Heilwesen, whose comprehensive training programme for practice staff also includes the specialist course "Hygiene Management Representative (IHK)". With this expertise for all challenges of professional hygiene management, DFA supports practices in the introduction and further development of optimised processes - and thus in ensuring more safety for their teams and their patients.

This is precisely the concern of the third member of the group: the Praxis+Award. The quality seal for outstanding patient service, which has been awarded since 2016, was followed three years ago by the development of the "Hygiene Prädikat". Through a certified procedure, it documents the compliance with and implementation of all legally obligatory hygiene requirements as well as the voluntary services that a practice provides in terms of hygiene, whereby this commitment is "translated" and made "visible" for patients.

The HYGIENE ALLIANZ takes all practices "by the hand".

With the "Hygiene Prädikat", every practice makes a quality promise to its patients. The three partners of the HYGIENE ALLIANZ want to fully support this statement as joint senders. Therefore, the continuous support of all practices willing to improve - both in their daily commitment and in the constant further development of hygiene management - will be an immanent part of the work of the HYGIENE ALLIANZ.

Would you like to learn more? Read the complete article on the HYGIENE ALLIANZ here!


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