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Perfectionist or chaos genius?

How do you load your washer-disinfector?

There are many ways to load a washer-disinfector. But there is only one correct loading pattern for your practice: with the help of our video tutorials, you will become a perfectionist in no time at all.

Team perfectionist or team chaos? Or maybe a bit of both?

Have you ever asked yourself what type of MELAtherm loader you are? Are you more of a perfectionist who plans every batch precisely or a creative chaotic person who wants to get the best out of the reprocessing process?

But don't worry, we can help you! Our video tutorials will guide you step by step through the loading of the MELAtherm. Our tutorials are detailed and suitable for everyone, whether you are striving for perfection or looking for creative solutions. For those who place great value on perfection, we offer detailed instructions on the optimal organization of loading.


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