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Success Story

Dentists Dr. Kesler and Verdenhalven

"The entire reprocessing process with Careclave is fast, quiet, and uncomplicated. Additionally, Careclave is easy to operate and takes care of three steps of our work at once."

Located in Berlin-Reinickendorf, the practice of dentists Dr. Kesler and Verdenhalven extends over two floors in a classic single-family house. With three dentists, seven assistants, and three dental hygienists, the team ensures excellent dental treatments and offers a wide range of dental care to their patients in various treatment and hygiene rooms.

Small but powerful - With Careclave, everything runs smoothly even with limited space

In our daily practice, we typically reprocess our instruments twice a day - during shift changes and at the end of the workday. In our 5m² processing room, there isn't much space for additional equipment apart from our Careclave, MELAseal 100, cooling box, and label printer. However, with Careclave, instrument reprocessing can still be done safely, reliably, and efficiently, even with the limited space we have. To achieve this, we follow a specific workflow for instrument reprocessing and divide tasks within our team.

First, we collect the instruments from the treatment rooms and transport them to the processing room. There, we manually pre-clean them and then disinfect them in a thermal bath. The instruments that need to be sterilized, which are classified as critical, are packed using the MELAseal 100 sealing device and then placed on trays for sterilization in the Careclave using the Vacuklav mode. Since the processing steps in Careclave are automatically saved on a CF card, we do not need additional documentation software. Once the sterilization is complete, we remove the reprocessed instruments, label them with the corresponding labels, and return them to the respective treatment rooms.

The Care-S Program

With the Care-S program of Careclave, we also have the ability to reliably clean, disinfect, and maintain our handpieces and contra-angles. Depending on the patient volume, we usually load the Carebox with 2 to 6 handpieces and contra-angles by simply twisting the instruments onto the respective adapters until they click into place. Then, we hang the Carebox in the Careclave and start the program - a straightforward process. After the program is completed, we place the Carebox in the cooling box to allow the instruments to cool down. After just 4 minutes, our handpieces and contra-angles are cleaned, disinfected, and maintained, ready for use. For intensive maintenance protection, we also use the integrated chuck maintenance station directly on the Careclave once a week. The weekly application protects our instruments from corrosion and helps us save on long-term repair costs.

In summary, we can say that we are very grateful to have Careclave as the instrument reprocessing specialist in our team, and we wouldn't want to be without it anymore!