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Dental practice Lipp & Lutz

"We follow the wishes of our patients to have a specialist in every area of our practice. For this reason, we trust in Careclave - the specialist in instrument reprocessing - since 2019."

Lipp & Lutz dental practice is a major Berlin practice for tooth preservation, preventive care and aesthetics. With six modern treatment rooms and 21 qualified employees, Lipp & Lutz has been following the request of their discerning patients for many years to have a specialist in every important working area of the practice. In order to meet the wishes of their patients and to be able to guarantee a high quality of treatment, the dentists Lipp & Lutz have been relying on Careclave - the specialist in instrument reprocessing - since 2019. 

Easy loading, maximum care protection

In a total of six treatment rooms in our practice, we have 10 unwrapped basic sets for non-surgical use. The wrapped surgical instruments as well as the unwrapped dental handpieces and turbines are located in the decontamination room.

Once a treatment has been completed, the assistant brings the instruments used to the decontamination room and prepares them for reprocessing. The loading process of Careclave is super simple and straightforward. We load the Carebox Blue on the unclean side of the decontamination room with up to 8 turbines and dental handpieces and insert it into Careclave. Then we just have to close the door. Careclave automatically recognizes the attached Carebox and starts the appropriate program for the instruments.

In our practice weonly use the Care-Therm program, which completely cleans, disinfects and lubricates dental handpieces and turbines in only 18 minutes. It is also practical that the MELAG Care Oil supplies every instrument in the Carebox with the exact amount of oil required. This enables economical consumption and guarantees that our instruments will retain their value for a long time. At least once a week, we also use the ADDcare station integrated in the door to lubricate the instrument heads of the chuck system directly on Careclave.

Once the Care-Therm program is completed we load the hot instruments into the Cooling Box to cool them down to a treatment temperature in only four minutes. 

Careclave is our specialist in instrument reprocessing

We have been using Careclave in our practice for over ayear to ideally prepare our instruments for daily use.

At the beginning of the field test phase, we weren't quite sure whether Careclave could cope with the high workload of our practice. However, this skepticism has never been confirmed. Due to the very fast cycle times and the diverse loading options, we quickly learned to love Careclave!

Thanks to the modern device concept, which combines the reprocessing workflow of cleaning & disinfection, lubrication, sterilization and documentation in just one product, we benefit from many valuable advantages. We have more space in the decontamination room and, thanks to the short and efficient reprocessing cycles, save a lot of time and money.

With Careclave, we meet the wishes of our discerning patients to have a specialist in every important area. Careclave is our specialist in instrument reprocessing and gives our patients the secure feeling that they are always in best hands.