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MELAG in Malaysia

Ceremonial opening of the MELAG Academy in Kuala Lumpur

MELAG opens the doors in Malaysia

We are very proud to announce MELAG has now officially opened its first training center outside of Germany in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The MELAG Academy Training Center was inaugurated in a festive ceremony on February 3rd, 2023, with many guests and our important partners from Southeast Asia, Australia, as well as Japan and Greater China.

The new training center will support the growing number of MELAG users in Southeast Asia and provide them with the necessary training and support to increase their level of hygiene and instrument reprocessing workflows in their practices. The academy team in Malaysia, with Area Manager Southeast Asia, Dr. Chian How Tew and Technical Manager Chee Kit Yiong, will host hygiene seminars on Infection Control for medical staff, community events and experience sharing in the medical field, and provide hands-on technical training to MELAG's partners. The center will also serve as a hub for everyone to experience the whole MELAG system solution and learn about the latest innovations in instrument reprocessing.

The opening of the MELAG Academy Training Center in Kuala Lumpur marks a milestone for MELAG to further invest in the growth in Asia and is a strong testament to the company's long-term commitment to the region, the team and its valued partners. The event starts an exciting new chapter for the company as it further expands its reach into Southeast Asia and beyond. With strong local partners and well-established relationships in the medical community, MELAG is poised to make a significant impact in the region and continue its mission of striving for a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic medical market.At the inauguration, MELAG previewed its new Pro- and Prime-Line autoclaves, aiming at the entry- and mid-level market.

Providing higher performance at lower prices, we are confident that it will reach many new customers and further establish MELAGS position as the most competitive manufacturer in the field of instrument reprocessing globally.MELAG extends its heartfelt gratitude to all attendees of the event for their support and loyalty towards our family business. Their participation and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated and has made this event truly unforgettable. A special than you to Dr. Peter Blomeyer for his thoughtful welcome remarks.We warmly invite everyone to the MELAG Academy Training Center in Malaysia and hope to welcome you soon to our events. We invite everyone to follow our Asia- Facebook and Instagram page to stay up-to-date about our activities in the region and events at the Training Center.


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